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How Draw Something Scaled To 50 million New Users, in 50 days, with Zero Downtime

Session Type Case Study

Duration 45 minutes

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With the acceleration of social media, games can grow from zero to millions of users overnight – a great example being OMGPOP's Draw Something. If you are planning to build and launch a social application, growth is what you should be concerned with and prepared for. So how exactly do you support the kind of growth you hope for, without breaking the bank, and while sustaining a compelling gaming experience?

This talk focuses on the data management challenges game developers face and outlines the key criteria for selecting a data management model that will provide the scalability and performance needed to support a game from birth through massive growth. We'll talk about the bottlenecks and challenges OMGPOP encountered, scaling from a small initial installation to a web-scale deployment with millions of users.


Robin Johnson (Couchbase)

Over the last few years Robin Johnson has been involved in some of the Leading Social Gaming and Betting applications to grace the world wide web.  After bootstrapping an Award-Winning Social Gaming startup, Robin is a seasoned Distributed System and NoSQL advocate.  A polyglot Rubyist and Pythoner all in one, taking on roles from Frontend Developer to Software Engineer and Solutions Architect.