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How a graph database allows Shutl to deliver even faster

Session Type Case Study

Duration 45 minutes

Session Description

Leveraging connected data is becoming more and more important in the development of today’s modern web and business applications – as demonstrated by, for example, Facebook’s recent release of ‘Graph Search.’ There are many questions on the technology and potential of graph databases to meet this need. This session provides a candid look at how we at Shutl selected and implemented graph database Neo4j. Our challenge was to build a new API to cope with the rapid growth the business experienced that would have been extremely difficult with traditional database approaches.

We’ll take a look at what databases solutions we selected (with a focus on Neo4j), what selection criteria we applied, what challenges we encountered during implementation and how we solved them.


Volker Pacher (Shutl)

Volker Pacher is a Senior Developer at Shutl, a London-based technology start-up offering same day delivery or delivery in any one hour slot of the customers choice by connecting online retailers with local same-day couriers.