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Cloud Ops: The How's, Where's, and Why's of Operating in the Cloud

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 45 minutes

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Operations in the Cloud can become mysterious through sheer number of buzz words. If I'm in the Cloud, and removed from the immediate concerns of hardware ownership, does that mean that I have high availability? Disaster recovery? Easy ability to scale? The answers to all of these are yes -- if you set up your environment the right way to achieve them. I will go over the common questions and solutions I have seen after over a year of observing various companies and the roadblocks and solutions they have found. I will also discuss how Engine Yard handles being a totally cloud-based company, and how we have evolved our multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving over time and used that to improve our product and engineering for all of our customers.


Tasha Drew (Engine Yard)

Tasha Drew is a product manager for Engine Yard, where professional endeavors have included founding the customer success team, providing account management for the top 100 accounts, handling all emergency/outage customer communication, working with the engineering team to bring riak to the cloud as a part of the next generation of the PaaS offering, and attempting to explain to a frazzled federal agent exactly what the cloud is. She is often accompanied on her travels by a tiny but opinionated Engine Yard panda (