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Enabling Cloud Services with Programmability

Session Type Experience Report

Duration 45 minutes

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REST APIs have gained significant ground in just 8 years, overtaking SOAP and beginning to rival SNMP.  And with every API there is an SDK.  This talk will take you through Riverbed's experience with rolling out programmability across a diverse product set.  This starts by building a solid foundation with REST including development of internal guidelines around topics from authentication and versioning to data encoding and resource structure.  But REST is only the beginning -- add to this the development of an open-source Python SDK and integrations with popular tools such as Puppet to make the devices truly cloud service ready.

- Programmable infrastructure
  - Configure, monitor, control
  - REST API / SDK / Community
- Cloud deployment
  - The need for automation - size, scale, one-click to purchase
  - Remote monitoring
  - Integration to single-pane-of-glass
- REST API as a foundation layer
  - Internal Guidelines: authentication, versioning, encoding, resource structure
  - API Documentation
- Higher level integrations
  - SDK - Python / JavaScript
  - OpenStack, Puppe
  - Leveraging Open Source - Django, D3, jQuery, Google Visualization, MongoDB
- Demo - EUE driven monitoring / control


Christopher J. White (Riverbed Technology)

Chris White is the director of the Riverbed Technology Council and is responsbile for cross-product strategy and developing programmable infrastructure across the product set.  He has worked in telecom for 15+ years from an embedded software engineer to software architect.  He enjoys the art of building modular and reusable software systems.