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Rebuilding your engine at 200 miles per hour

Session Type Experience Report

Duration 60 minutes

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The Guardian Content-Api serves a little over 11 million requests per day, mostly from internal systems that depend on it to serve the main guardian website, the mobile site and other digital distribution systems.

We undertook a project to completely re-architect the API from a poll based system based on Solr in our data center, to a message queue based cloud service based upon Elastic Search, all requiring no downtime, and no missing content.

In this session I'll explain the reasons we decided to undertake the project, and the approaches we took to ensure it was delivered successfully and I'll explain how we decided upon the technology, and what issues we had along the way.


Michael Brunton-Spall (Guardian News and Media)

Michael Brunton-Spall has keynoted and spoken at conferences on a variety of subjects ranging from pragmatic functional programming to scaling large web applications, innovation practices to agile methodologies.  As a senior developer and team lead at the guardian, Michael has built and scaled the guardian website, run innovation programs and hack days, organised conferences and occasionally written some actual code.