East of England's leading conference on Cloud Computing & NoSQL

Cloud East returns in 2013 as the East of England event for cloud and data practitioners. The event has a strong, practical focus on helping people get the best from their cloud, NoSQL and data technologies. Come along to learn from your peers, share your own experiences and have fun.

Cloud East is about sharing experiences, techniques and advice to make everyone who participates more effective in their daily work. We use a mix of hands-on, tutorial, case study and panel session formats to maximize participant interaction & learning.

There's also plenty of time scheduled outside the main programme to meet others and chat about your common challenges and opportunities.

Get a feel for Cloud East 2013 by checking out Cloud East 2012 or watching some of the case studies and tutorials below, recorded for InfoQ.com at last year's conference.

Application Delivery in the Cloud with Alex Gosse.
Alex Gosse presents the current trend in application delivery, referring to cloud computing, its adoption and DevOps tools used in such environments.
Alex Gosse at Cloud East 2012
Infrastructure as Code with Gareth Rushgrove.
Gareth Rushgrove offers advice, code samples, and introduces tools - Puppet, Chef and CloudFormation - helpful for automating every infrastructure operations.
Gareth Rushgrove at Cloud East 2012
MongoDB - Born in the Cloud with Ross Lawley.
Ross Lawley introduces MongoDB, explaining why it is a good solution for cloud deployment.
Ross Lawley at Cloud East 2012
Package Management for Windows Azure with Richard Astbury.
Richard Astbury demoes an Azure package management system useful for porting applications to Microsoft's PaaS.
Richard Astbury at Cloud East 2012

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Photo Credit: Mark Dalgarno

  • Friendly atmosphere

  • Share your ideas & talents

  • Meet your peers

"Had a great day at #cloudeast today - great job by @markdalgarno and the @cloud_east team!"

"I really enjoyed the #CloudEast conference today. Well-organised, good speakers, nice lunch!"

Francine Bennett

Cloud and Big Data: unicorns all the way down

Francine Bennett is CEO of Agile Big Data Cloud Zero Carbon Data Science technology firm, Mastodon C.

As well as winning every game of buzzword bingo out there, she is well placed to talk about what's real and important about these topics, which are changing the way that we all do business - what's really important or useful, and as a corollary, what isn't.

Before founding Mastodon C, she spent a number of years working on big data analysis for search engines, helping them to turn lots of data into even more money. She enjoys good coffee, running, sleeping as much as possible, and exploring large datasets.

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