Session Title Going all out on the cloud!

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 45 minutes

Speaker(s) Jan Jongboom (Cloud9 IDE)

Jan Jongboom (23, Amsterdam) got in a real life fight when someone declared javascript 'just some scripting language'. During the day he channels his javascript love as a member of the Cloud9 IDE development team, making bad jokes about VBScript and dreaming of happy hour. The only native Brit in the company described him in one word: 'cheeky'. You can see him live on stage regularly, with talks about Cloud9, node.js, scaling and mobile development.

Session Description

So... we are all advocating 'the cloud' as the holy grail of this decade, but why are the cloud’s developers hardly using its full potential? Storing source code on your local machine, downloading and installing Eclipse, git, cloud deployment tools. Don't all the advantages of cloud applications apply to a development environment as well?  Nothing to install, nothing to configure, seamless software updates, real-time collaboration with other users, offloading computationally expensive tasks (like large compiles) to the cloud. It seems to make perfect sense. Still, nobody seemed to do it. So, we decided to do it ourselves -- build the full development lifecycle in the browser: Cloud9 IDE.

In this talk I will describe how you can move your development environment to the cloud, going full circle with source control integration, collaboration, creation, testing and deployment to PAAS providers.