Session Title The Brightbox Cloud story: building a resilient cloud infrastructure from scratch

Session Type Case Study

Duration 45 minutes

Speaker(s) Jeremy Jarvis (Brightbox Cloud)

Jeremy is a co-founder of Brightbox. Together with John Leach and a handful of the smartest engineers and developers around, he established Brightbox as Europe's leading Ruby hosting service. They're now building on this success to change the European cloud infrastructure market with Brightbox Cloud. He tweets regularly, has a 25 metre swimming badge and knows his 6 times tables.

Session Description

Learn how the audacious team at Brightbox built out the UKs first multi-datacentre public cloud service, with a team smaller than your average Starbucks (express) and a budget smaller than your average lunch with a Tory (allegedly).

We'll traverse a wide-range of subjects and experiences, such as: how solving the hard problems leads to competitive advantage, why you shouldn't overestimate your competitors and how to negotiate above your weight.