Session Title The 12 Factor App

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 60 minutes

Speaker(s) Craig Kersteins (Heroku)

I’m an engineer and product guy at Heroku. I’m part engineer, working on business tools and analytics in my daytime hours and building web apps in my night time hours. I’m part product guy, helping steer the platform and database products at Heroku to make sure we're improving the world of development and deployment.

Session Description

In recent years there's been rapid growth in application development area. This is in large part due to trends such as better tools to manage code and dependencies, external services to aid you, and due to the elasticity of the cloud. AWe will walk through some of the recent trends and emerging trends for the future in application development. These trends will make it even easier to scale up without significant overhead, further enable continuous deployment, and improve the ease to onboard other developers into a development team.