Session Title Startup in the Cloud - Emotion AI's experiences in gaining speed and agility building Facebook Applications in the cloud

Session Type Experience Report

Duration 45 minutes

Speaker(s) Ian Wilson (Emotion AI)

Ian Wilson is a serial entrepreneur having founded or co-founded 3 startups, primarily applying magical AI / Machine Learning technologies to meet deeply human needs. His current startup "Expressi", is building a service for e-retailers to recommend products to their customers by personal, emotional relevance, a 'pivot' from Emotion AI's previous focus on expressive emotional animation. Another of his start ups, Zukool, provides delightful audio based music recommendations to introduce users to new music.

These experiences and a current emphasis on building Mobile and Facebook applications for both internal use and for customers has brought into sharp relief the need to focus time and energy on only those parts of the product that delight customers while, wherever possible, letting other services do the "heavy lifting" of infrastructure.

Session Description

Session contents:

  •  I will look at the current cloud landscape (pun?) as it relates to startups
  • a very, very small review of what we do
  • Speed: Building Expressi, how the cloud helped us focus on the product and not the infrastructure
  • Agility / Flexibility: FaceQ, how the cloud helped us abstract the infrastructure so we could change it (almost) at will and in line with customer demands.
  • Expandability: Zukool, how the cloud helped us cost effectively break apart a monolithic application into separate, more robust and flexible components
  • Summary

Intended audience: Startups in general but applicable to anyone building and deploying applications.