Session Title Infrastructure as Code

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 45 minutes

Speaker(s) Gareth Rushgrove (Government Digital Service)

Gareth is a developer and occasional systems administrator, currently working for the Government Digital Service on the single domain for all UK government sites, GOV.UK. He also curates devopsweekly, a weekly email newsletter for people interested in web operations. He'll automate anything that isn't nailed down.

Session Description

With the evolution of Cloud APIs we've moved from needing to physically install new machines to being able to achieve the same result at the click of a button. But more interesting is when we really take advantage of those APIs and drive our infrastructure with code.

Code has many advantages over manual processes. It can be easily reviewed, tested and shared. It can be run time and again with the same effect every time. And we can apply many of the patterns found in mature software development projects to our infrastructure. Even more interestingly we can integrate our application code with our infrastructure and start treating the whole system as one.

This session will show examples and advantages of treating your application infrastructure as code, along with demonstrations and discussions of tools including Puppet, Chef and CloudFormation. We'll show real world examples from the development of the new UK Government single domain project, WWW.GOV.UK and we'll briefly look at approaches for testing and reusing infrastructure code.