Session Title Platform choices on the Windows Azure PaaS (it's not just .NET and SQL Server)

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 60 minutes

Speaker(s) Mark Rendle (Dot Net Solutions)

Mark is a freelance consultant, specialising in Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud computing platform, and also qualified to help with all aspects of quality software development from people and processes, through architecture and design, to code quality and optimisation. Since April 2011, he has been a Windows Azure Development MVP.

Mark’s career in software design and development spans three decades and more programming languages than I care to remember. C# has been my favourite language pretty much since the first public beta, when you had to write the code in a text editor and compile it on the command line. Those were the days. You kids today, with your IntelliSense™ and your ReSharpers, don’t know you’re born…

Mark is a popular speaker on the conference and community event circuit.

Session Description

In this talk, we'll look at where the Windows Azure platform is at and where it's going. If you thought Azure was just a platform for ASP.NET and SQL Server applications, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. I'll share some examples of projects where I’ve used alternative .NET technologies, the first-class support for Node.js (which includes a full SDK for working with the Azure platform services), and NoSQL solutions like MongoDB and RavenDB. And hopefully some of the über-cool things that are under NDA as I write this abstract will have been made public, so we can talk about those too! Seriously, there's some awesome stuff coming.